Six Types of Online Gambling Games That You May Wish To Know

Every year, there is an increase in the number of people who go online in order to seek entertainment. Gambling or playing Judi online is no such exception and it has an increased popularity in today’s world.
Online gambling can be played mainly in two forms- Online Casinos and Online Sports-betting. An online casino is the online equivalent of the normal casinos and offers the basic casino games. They provide bonus and special offers to the players and are one of the latest forms of Judi online. Online Sports-betting is involved with making bets on certain sports matches like cricket, football etc and it can be from ‘ Which team will win the match’ to ‘How many fouls a certain team will commit’.

Among the various Casino games, the 8 most popular gambling games are:
ü  Lottery:  The most popular method of gambling is to buy lottery tickets online with one’s lucky four or six digit numbers.
ü  Poker: It is a gambling card game and determines the winner of each round according to the combination of players’ cards. Some cards remain open and some cards remain hidden until the end of each round.  Players may either choose to match or raise the bet or call the maximum bet or fold where the player loses the amount.
ü  Blackjack: Blackjack or 21 is played with standard 52 cards deck where each card has a value.  Each player has to draw cards closest to 21 and more than dealer’s cards.
ü  Bingo: A player receives a set of random numbers in return for a stake. The player marks off the number against what he has and the numbers announced by the caller. Players who complete a full line, multiple lines or all the numbers more quickly than the other players win.
ü  Roulette: Roulette refers to ‘small wheel’. Players can bet on any combination of colours or numbers by placing single or multiple bets. If the ball lands on the number chosen, the player wins.
ü  Craps: It is a dice game and bets are made based on the result of a roll, series of rolls or multiple dice.
Thus, today the gamblers can play all types of games without stepping outside their house because of the easy access to Internet Technology.

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